Visual Arts

In Visual Arts, learning is geared around developing our students’ technical disciplines to enable their creative capacities.


√ŘŐ“÷Ī≤•‚Äôs programs seek to impart not only an authentic passion for art, but a rich ‘vocabulary’ with which our students can create it.


In Years K-6, Visual Arts are geared towards exploratory and experiential interactions with a broad range of materials, techniques and ideas.


In Years 7 and 8, the course becomes a vehicle for establishing foundational targeted skills and knowledge that introduce students to new modes of art making and thinking and build upon the creative thinking and learning from the Years K-6 programs.


The elective courses in Years 9 and 10 then extend these foundations by exploring content with a more immersive focus. Students work towards mastering technical skills and exploring and responding to more complex concepts within Visual Arts, as well as Photographic and Digital Media.


In Years 11 and 12, the Visual Arts course takes a very different tack. Instead of building upon prior knowledge and experience, students in the Preliminary and HSC courses address content and structure in a more autonomous way. They are challenged with driving their own creative authorship, culminating in a full body of work submitted for their HSC. 

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